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Is Your Electrical Contractor Properly Licensed, Trained, Certified and Insured?

The electrical contracting professionals at RJ Martin Electric have earned the trust of general contractors (GCs) and end users around Northeast Ohio, and around the country, through a decades-long commitment to excellence in our trade; safe work practices; accurate estimates; laser focus on budgets; honesty and integrity; and loyalty to our people and our communities.

In these respects, you can be confident that hiring RJ Martin Electric for your next commercial, industrial, health care, retail or educational project is a wise decision. That said, GCs and end users who are evaluating electrical contractors must also gain assurance that the contractor they select is properly licensed, trained, certified and insured. Gaps, unknowns or inconsistencies in any of these three areas are bright red flags that should cause great concern at the outset of your evaluation process and prompt tough questions. Let’s look at each one in more detail.

Licensing. This may seem like a given in the field of electrical contracting, but particularly in work that occurs in multiple states or jurisdictions, it’s essential that the electrical contractor you hire maintains active licenses in all relevant geographies. At RJ Martin Electric, our electrical contracting capabilities and reach extend nationwide. We’re licensed as an electrical contractor in 31 states and maintain more than 335 municipal licenses throughout the U.S. Beyond just licensure, we maintain the infrastructure and resources – including 40 service trucks operating across the country – to do whatever work is needed—wherever it’s needed.

Training and Certification. Again, any logical person would think that training and certification would be a given in such a demanding field as electrical contracting—and that logical person would be spot-on correct. Unfortunately, not all electrical contractors are fully committed to proper training and certification.

At RJ Martin Electric, we have always been, and will always be, 100 percent committed to thorough, ongoing training and certification. We believe well-trained and certified electricians offer general contractors (GCs) and end users the optimal combination of expertise, dedication and value.

Our training programs and initiatives focus on two key areas: vocational training, and safety training.

In terms of vocational training and certification, all RJ Martin Electric employees – not just electricians – are required to participate in training on a frequent basis. Our electricians have completed the state- and federally-certified apprenticeship program. Our electricians also participate in biannual NEC code updates and review to stay current on evolving code requirements. In addition, our project managers have attended the Electrical Project Management Institute, an intensive management education program, at Purdue University.

Our safety training and certification program is the industry’s most comprehensive. Indeed, you would have a hard time finding an electrical contractor with a more comprehensive safety program.

  • Our award-winning program includes comprehensive drug-free workplace education, training and testing
  • EACH of our electricians has completed the OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour Construction Safety and Health course
  • We establish a site-specific safety plan at the start of each project
  • Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is well below the 1.0 industry average

Our total commitment to safety helps ensure your project stays safe, on time and on budget.

Read more about our commitment to safety on jobsites.

Insurance. Construction projects are complex endeavors with lots of moving parts. Accordingly, opportunities abound for errors, omissions and accidents. The electrical contractor you hire for your next project must have proper insurance that covers all aspects of their work within your project scope. Like proper certification, proper bonding and insurance protect you and your rights as a customer of the contractor.

RJ Martin Electric is fully licensed, bonded and insured; you should expect nothing less from your electrical contractor.

One final note: It’s not enough to simply receive assurance from your electrical contractor that they are properly licensed, trained, certified and insured. Rather, you should verify their claims to ensure accuracy. Review their credentials yourself to gain confidence that your decision is 100 percent correct.

Contact RJ Martin Electric to learn more.

We hope this blog helps you understand the importance of licensing, training, certification and insurance in the electrical contracting field—and how our experience and capabilities in the electrical contracting field can benefit you. If you seek an exceptional electrical contracting firm for your next industrial, health care, commercial, education or retail project, please call Robert J. Martin at 216-662-7100 or email rmartinjr@rjmartinelectric.com.

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