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Eight Common Electrical Challenges in Retail Building Projects

As decades-long veterans of the retail construction sector, RJ Martin Electric has provided electrical services for retail remodeling projects and retail build-outs for national retailers in locations across the U.S. All totaled, our firm has completed hundreds of retail building projects covering thousands of retail stores.

It’s no secret that national retail remodel and build-out work is a specialized discipline that requires an electrical contractor with equally specialized capabilities. Through our work, we’ve identified several common challenges associated with electrical contracting projects in the retail realm, and below, we’ll highlight the capabilities needed by an electrical contractor to meet those challenges.

Common challenge #1: Avoiding headaches associated with multiple electricians. Hiring different electricians or electrical contracting firms for multi-store, multistate work can be a nightmare. You’ll be dealing with potentially many different individuals and firms—each with their own capabilities, personalities, cultures, processes, procedures and more. In cases like that, it can seem nearly impossible to properly estimate project costs and keep track of everything, including timelines and budgets.

With RJ Martin Electric, we’re your single point of contact for all projects everywhere. That also translates to one invoice total, as opposed to separate invoices for each contractor working on each project.

Common challenge #2: Finding an electrical contractor with the right toolbox of skills. If you’re a general contractor (GC) or end user with experience in retail projects, you know that retail projects come in all shapes, sizes and scopes. Even with national build-outs, there may be variations in prototype designs or specifications due to site considerations, local codes or other factors. Whatever the project calls for, your electrical contractor needs to be equipped and trained to meet that requirement.

At RJ Martin Electric, all of our technicians are cross-trained in electrical and data communications to include POS cabling and equipment installations. Additionally, we utilize our national supplier accounts to ensure our technicians have the proper materials for your project on schedule.

Common challenge #3: Ensuring that your electrical contractor possesses the licenses, materials, equipment and availability needed for national projects. RJ Martin Electric is licensed as an electrical contractor in 31 states, and we hold over 335 municipal licenses nationally. Additionally, we operate 40 service trucks nationwide, and all RJ Martin Electric technicians remain on-call 24/7 for as long as you need our project support. We’re where you need us, when you need us there—period.

There’s more. When RJ Martin Electric is on your multiple store project, we ensure that any special equipment required to safely execute our work scope is stocked in our electrician’s van. All vans are equipped with harness, ladders, arc flash suits and lockout/tagout kits. Additionally, when man lifts are needed, we utilize our national accounts to provide them at the site.

Common challenge #4: Keeping an electrical contractor properly focused on a multistore rollout project. Local electricians often jump from project to project midstream. The result: uncertainty and delays. At RJ Martin Electric, our electricians are dedicated W2 employees; when they arrive in a market, they’re there to work on just your project—no disappearances, no delays. This ensures total focus on your project, and your project alone.

Common challenge #5: Maintaining accountability at every stage of a retail electric contracting project. You may have a multi-store, multistate rollout that requires dozens or even hundreds of electrical assignments. Yet, for local electricians, one project is just that—one project.

When you hire RJ Martin Electric, we are invested in your entire rollout program – not just one individual store location – so we’re 100 percent accountable all the time. We’ll quote you one price that covers the complete project scope, saving you lots of time in terms of estimating total project costs and processing invoices. Additionally, we utilize Fleetmatic Reveal technology to track our electricians at all times throughout the duration of your project. This keeps them accountable to our project managers—and in turn, it keeps us accountable to you.

Common challenge #6: Preventing the electrical contractor’s learning curve from causing project delays or impacting profitability. Some electrical contractors don’t possess the proper knowledge or experience for complex retail projects. Others use different electricians for the same build-out in different locations. This is a wasteful and inefficient practice, because different electricians essentially must learn the same job over and over again.

At RJ Martin Electric, we structured our business model so that the same electricians execute your electrical installations in multiple locations for your rollout programs. This ensures a firm understanding of your program-specific needs; removes the learning curve after the first project; ensures installation consistencies and efficiencies; minimizes customer impacts; and creates uniformity in wiring methods and aesthetics.

Common challenge #7: Staying on budget. Work on retail electrical contracting projects can sometimes require nighttime or weekend work. Unfortunately, local contractors often charge nighttime and weekend premiums that can negatively impact the bottom line for GCs and end users. It also can alter the cost of the same project, depending on the start date and how long work extends into weekends or nighttime hours. At RJ Martin Electric, the price we quote does not change based on weekend or night schedules.

Common challenge #8: Maintaining store safety and minimizing disruptions. We understand that working in a live store environment presents unique challenges. At RJ Martin Electric, we work to maintain the safety of your customers, store personnel and construction personnel around our work areas while minimizing store operation disruptions.

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We hope this blog helps answer questions you may have about common electrical challenges in retail building projects, and the approach RJ Martin Electric takes in this area. If you seek an exceptional electrical contracting firm for your next industrial, health care, commercial, education and retail project, please call Robert J. Martin at 216-662-7100 or email rmartinjr@rjmartinelectric.com.

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