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Answers to Common Electrical Contracting Questions, Part II

At RJ Martin Electric, we get questions every day from general contractors (GCs) and end users about many areas that involve electrical contracting services in commercial, industrial, health care, retail and educational sectors. We’re planning several blogs during 2019 to address some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. We hope you find this valuable, and we always welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our services and answer your questions in person.


Question: How does RJ Martin Electric work to ensure quality in every facet of its operation?

Answer: Quality is a broad term; for an electrical contractor, and an electrical contracting firm, what does quality mean? Several things:

  • Being proficient in your trade
  • Maintaining a detail-oriented mind-set from the moment you set foot on site to the time you leave at day’s end
  • Applying your experience and industry know-how to every assignment
  • Thinking outside the box in an effort to boost efficiency and keep project costs in check (without cutting corners, of course)
  • Being considerate of other trades on site
  • Doing the job right the first time—no callbacks
  • Showing pride in your trade, the project, your coworkers and the reputation of your employer.
  • Certifications in all relevant areas of project work
  • Industry recognition. At RJ Martin, we have won multiple Excellence in Construction Awards.
  • A deep commitment to formal training. At RJ Martin, all employees are required to participate in training on a frequent basis. As a result, our electricians have completed the state- and federally-certified apprenticeship program. Our electricians also participate in biannual NEC code updates and review to stay current on evolving code requirements. In addition, our project managers have attended the Electrical Project Management Institute, an intensive management education program, at Purdue University.

Quality is also recognized through industry awards and accolades. RJ Martin Electric is repeatedly recognized for excellence in our industry. In 2016 and 2017 alone, we received four Excellence in Construction awards.


Question: How is RJ Martin Electric’s safety program structured? Does it meet industry standards?

Answer: When you’re evaluating electrical contractors for your next project, the contractor you choose must maintain an established and comprehensive safety program that ensures workers are properly trained in all elements of safe work practices. At RJ Martin Electric, our comprehensive safety program is comprised of six core elements which we believe should be the bedrock of any comprehensive safety program.

(1) Comprehensive drug-free workplace education, training and testing. RJ Martin Electric established its Drug-Free (Substance-Free) Program in the early 2000s and has rigidly enforced it year in and year out ever since, updating it as necessary in conformance with best practices, updated regulations and new mandates.

This program covers all full-time, part-time, seasonal, casual and temporary employees in three main areas: illicit drugs, prescription medication and alcohol. Two types of testing are performed: drug testing and blood-alcohol testing. For drug testing, RJ Martin Electric utilizes the 10-Panel Plus test, which is a federally certified test. Initial tests are 92-98 percent accurate, and confirmatory tests are 99 percent accurate. All testing is performed in conjunction with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) federally certified labs.

Additionally, our leading-edge program provides employees with education regarding substance abuse, safety and specific program components. Supervisors are continually trained on their roles and responsibilities for administering the program.

(2) Training and enforcement of company policy, state regulations and OSHA rules. The need for safety on the job site never ends; company and governmental regulations are in place to keep workers safe and contractors compliant. It’s critical that all policies, regulations and rules be followed every hour of every day. That takes effort and commitment, which leads us to the third component of a comprehensive safety program…

(3) The requisite personnel to administer the program on an ongoing basis. At RJ Martin Electric, we employ a full-time RJ Martin Electric safety supervisor to coordinate training, conduct job site inspections, and internally enforce company, state and federal regulations.

(4) Completion of OSHA safety and health courses. At RJ Martin Electric, ALL of our electricians have completed the OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour Construction Safety and Health course.

(5) Establishment of a site-specific safety plan at the start of each project. Some electrical contracting projects may seem similar, but no two projects are exactly alike; requirements are different, job site characteristics vary and different trades work at different time intervals. Variables like these must be accounted for in a job-specific safety plan.

(6) Weekly toolbox talks. Toolbox talks follow OSHA mandates, and we believe in their value. Through our experience, we see how they keep the notion of safety front and center in workers’ minds on the job site. At RJ Martin Electric, we conduct weekly toolbox talks that help educate workers on vital safety issues and demonstrate a working and vital safety program.



How can I find out more about RJ Martin Electric’s design/build capabilities and services?


In design/build projects, the subcontractors themselves either have in-house engineering capabilities, or they often are aligned with an outside strategic engineering partner. Collectively, they work with the architect and owner to develop the design and drawings in accordance with that owner’s vision.

RJ Martin Electric has strong design/build credentials; we’ve been involved in many design/build projects throughout the years, and we understand what it takes to deliver a successful design/build project on time and on budget. To learn more, please read our recent blog on electrical contracting design/build projects, or contact Bob Martin, CEO of RJ Martin Electric.


Contact RJ Martin Electric to learn more.

We hope this blog helps answer questions you may have about electrical contracting issues, and the approach RJ Martin Electric takes in these areas. If you seek an exceptional electrical contracting firm for your next industrial, health care, commercial, education and retail project, please call Robert J. Martin at 216-662-7100 or email rmartinjr@rjmartinelectric.com.

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