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Answers to Common Electrical Contracting Questions, Part I

At RJ Martin Electric, we get questions every day from general contractors (GCs) and end users about many areas that involve electrical contracting services in commercial, industrial, health care, retail and educational sectors. We’re planning several blogs during 2019 to address some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. We hope you find this valuable, and we always welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our services and answer your questions in person.


Question: Where is RJ Martin Electric licensed, and can you perform work in my state?


RJ Martin Electric’s contracting capabilities extend nationwide. We’re licensed as an electrical contractor in 31 states and maintain more than 335 municipal licenses throughout the U.S. We also have 60 service trucks operating across the country. We’re where you need us to be—when you need us to be there.



What level of detail can I expect in an estimate/quote from RJ Martin Electric?


At RJ Martin Electric, we understand how important thorough and accurate estimates are to seeing that projects remain on time and on budget. To ensure that our project estimates reflect the true scope of work we intend to perform, we utilize state-of-the-art estimating software – Accubid Pro® and Accubid LiveCount™ – for every electrical contracting project we pursue.

Our Accubid estimating software allows RJ Martin Electric estimators to access over 40,000 items and 9,500 assemblies online. This means we can identify specific parts and assemblies, automatically calculate required assembly component quantities or count specifications, easily add required parts and/or assemblies to our electronic estimates and know the precise cost of everything up front. It also enables us to compare estimate components using labor-to-material ratios, costs-per-foot, per-system or per-floor, which helps ensure not only accuracy but also competitive costs for our electrical contracting services.

Accubid LiveCount, meanwhile, allows RJ Martin Electric estimators and field supervisors to pull up drawings electronically anywhere, anytime. This helps improve data security by keeping plans in one secure and easily accessible digital warehouse; and it further reinforces accuracy and trackability of estimates and costs throughout the duration of a project.

There’s one other point we’d like to emphasize: While our software solution is fast, dependable and helps ensure thorough and accurate estimates, there remains great value in having smart, experienced electrical contractors evaluate project requirements up front, and then utilize the appropriate estimating software to generate final estimates. At RJ Martin Electric, our estimators and field supervisors take the very necessary time up front to speak with GCs and end users, understand the full scope of project requirements, learn about any special or unique considerations and then put their experience and intelligence to use in formulating solutions.



What is the benefit to using RJ Martin Electric over a union electrical contractor?


RJ Martin Electric is a merit shop contractor. That means our electricians are able to work more efficiently by not being subjected to antiquated union work rules. This helps us to be more competitive with our pricing structures.

While we understand how important cost is to GCs and end users when considering an electrical contracting firm, we believe the quality of work performed, and the dedication of that firm’s entire staff, are critically important in helping to ensure timely and cost-efficient service. The bottom line on all this: When you hire RJ Martin Electric, you get a quality product at a very competitive price compared to many of our competitors.



What are RJ Martin Electric’s specialized capabilities for health care projects?


When it comes to selecting an electrical contractor for a health care construction project – from large hospitals to outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, physician offices and beyond – there are many criteria you can consider. At RJ Martin Electric, we believe six capabilities in particular distinguish electrical contractors that can perform as you need them to in this demanding realm:

  • Experience: This includes considerations like managing power distribution requirements; understanding which systems should be separated, what each of their functions is and why they should be separated; understanding the electrical code’s requirements, and experience coordinating multiple systems like these in a variety of health care environments—not just one type (e.g., physician offices).
  • The ability to identify potential design issues and oversights, then mitigate the damage with minimal or no effect on scheduling or budgets.
  • The ability to mobilize, dedicate and commit qualified and experienced labor to work the project on schedule and on budget.
  • The knowledge and understanding necessary to look beyond the drawings and truly understand how systems work in and of themselves, and in tandem with other building systems.
  • A 100 percent commitment to safety and training.
  • An organization-wide commitment to quality.

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We hope this blog helps answer questions you may have about electrical contracting issues, and the approach RJ Martin Electric takes in these areas. If you seek an exceptional electrical contracting firm for your next industrial, health care, commercial, education and retail project, please call Robert J. Martin at 216-662-7100 or email rmartinjr@rjmartinelectric.com.

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