It’s hard to overstate the importance of safety in construction projects. When you’re evaluating electrical contractors for your next project, the contractor you choose must maintain an established and comprehensive safety program that ensures workers are properly trained in all elements of safe work practices. This helps to mitigate jobsite accidents and keep project schedules and budgets on track. Anything less is unacceptable.

RJ Martin Electric places the highest priority on providing employees with a safe and clean work environment. In fact, you would have a hard time finding an electrical contractor with a more comprehensive safety program. How so?

  • Our award-winning program includes comprehensive drug-free workplace education, training and testing.
  • New hire orientation includes safety training in all required OSHA-mandated topics and industry specific topics.
  • Our commitment to safety is underscored through our training and enforcement of company policy, state regulations and OSHA rules.
  • A full-time RJ Martin Electric safety supervisor coordinates training, conducts job site inspections, maintains our weekly tool box program, and internally enforces company, state and federal regulations.
  • ALL of our electricians have completed the OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour Construction Safety and Health course.
  • ALL of our electricians have completed training in NFPA 70E – Electrical Safety in the Workplace.
  • We establish a site-specific safety plan at the start of each project.
  • Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is well below the 1.0 industry average.
If you’re looking for an exceptional electrical contracting firm for your next project, or if you want information about RJ Martin Electric’s experience in industrial, health care, commercial, educational and retail markets, please call Robert J. Martin at 216-662-7100 or email
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