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Case Study – Tarkett Flooring

As we’ve said in previous blogs, electrical contracting projects in industrial settings are uniquely challenging. Given extreme environments and tough demands of industrial projects, the professionals of RJ Martin Electric have earned first-choice status with general contractors (GCs) and end users across the country based on our decades-long track record of success with industrial contracting projects of all sizes and scales. Besides our experience, qualifications, certifications and past success in this area, a big part of what sets us apart is our ability to think outside the box, conceptualize solutions with incomplete or even no drawings and innovate in every aspect of our work.

Consider our recent work on a production facility for Florence, Alabama-based Tarkett Flooring. RJ Martin Electric was contracted to work with the engineer and owner to integrate the facility’s two production lines, as well as additional new equipment, and install new PLC-based controls. The larger of the production lines was out of service for six years.

This was a fast-track project; engineering and electrical installation occurred almost simultaneously. Due to local utility restrictions, two 15 kV services into the building were required.

The industrial contracting specialists of RJ Martin Electric performed all phases of the electrical installation, which included 15 kV power distribution, 480 V power distribution, industrial controls, manufacturing of all drive panels, control consoles and remote I/O panels. We also furnished and installed all communications cabling (i.e., Cat6 and fiber optic).

The project included six weeks of work for the disconnect, and 12 months for the installation. In the end, RJ Martin Electric completed the project on time and to the customer’s stringent satisfaction.

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