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Case Study – Rehabilitation Hospital

The electrical contracting firm you hire should have deep and broad experience, substantial capabilities and a proven ability to deliver work on time and on budget. These are givens, and you shouldn’t settle for less. But at RJ Martin Electric, we believe you should expect more…

RJ Martin Electric is known throughout health care, commercial, industrial, retail and educational sectors for its decades-long track record of success with electrical projects of all sizes and scales. We possess each of the characteristics above; but a big part of what sets us apart is our ability to think outside the box, conceptualize solutions with incomplete or even no drawings and innovate in every aspect of our work.

For proof, consider our recent work on a Beachwood, Ohio-based, 60,000-square-foot, 60-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital. This project, a joint venture between the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based Select Medical, was the second of three rehabilitation hospitals for the Northeast Ohio region. It is located next to the Foundation’s Administrative Campus in Beachwood and offers comprehensive rehabilitation treatment for patients with complex neurological, medical and musculoskeletal conditions.

The 12-month project included a $2.7-million-plus electrical scope of work, which included:

  • Electrical distribution
  • Lighting
  • Fire alarm
  • Lighting protection
  • 600Kw generator
  • Site lighting
  • Site utilities

 What made this project particularly noteworthy? Four things:

  1. The project management team researched new materials to assist in decreasing labor costs while increasing productivity.
  2. RJ Martin Electric also recognized new labor-saving equipment entering the construction market was available locally. The company invested resources to procure new material handling and wire pulling equipment that ended up saving significant labor hours and valuable schedule days.
  3. On a previous rehabilitation facility project, RJ Martin Electric introduced a color-coded conduit and matching equipment labeling for critical power, life-safety power and emergency power. This decreased punch list labor costs by eliminating the potential of pulling wire to the wrong location. It also allows facility maintenance staff to easily identify system circuiting and correct power interruptions during an emergency. This system was so successful, Select Medical incorporated this design into all of its electrical design installation specifications, including the Beachwood project.
  4. Site work generally is dependent on weather and ground conditions. To minimize the impact of these conditions, RJ Martin Electric installed precast pole bases constructed in a climate-controlled environment. These, in turn, could be quickly and easily placed in holes versus pouring pole bases into holes that might be affected by weather and soil conditions.

RJ Martin Electric overcame the obstacle of an aggressive time schedule through the professional competence of the project management team and field staff. The company completed the project on time and to the customer’s stringent satisfaction.

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